Dan has been involved in community work his whole working life.  

Based in the Cuffe Parade Slum in Mumbai, the Oscar Foundation Charity uses Sport to drive social change in underprivileged communities across India.  He is continuously inspired by the work the young people of the Oscar Foundation do to improve life chances within their own communities and has been involved them since their beginnings.  Initially one of the founders and now  one of the team that helps develop  the curriculum for the young leaders both in the UK and India.

In Goa (where Dan has spent winter for the last 14 years)  he organises his own weekly version of  Parkrun , with the focus on bringing the community of locals and tourists together.   The run is also used to spread awareness around plastic pollution in the area with the community taking direct action to deal with the  rising problem. Last year  it managed to attract over 100 young people and adults to run the 5k all along the beach!

In 2018 Dan and his wife Charlotte, set up ReRun Clothing in response to the realisation that  fast fashion very much exists within the sports industry and creates hundreds of thousands of tonnes  of textile waste each year globally. ReRun collects second hand running gear  that is no longer in use and prolongs it s life through re-sale,  re-donation, re-purposing, re-pairing and re-cycling.

They also use their social media channels to educate and inform about textiles and their manufacturing process as well how to care for your gear and make it last.